Have questions about pitchLogic? No worries – we’re here to help. If you have questions about the pitchLogic Ball and mobile app or if you’re just looking for more info, we’ve collected a troubleshooting FAQ Index along with best practices recommendations. Check it out and see for yourself.

Where can I purchase pitchLogic?


pitchLogic products are available at pitchLogic.com


What comes in the box? 


One pitchLogic baseball, a wireless charger and a USB cable for the wireless charger.


How do I get the pitchLogic App? 


Download the app from the Apple store or Google Play. Simply search for “pitchLogic” and download the app for free.


What devices are compatible with pitchLogic?


The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. For best results, use devices running the most current version of iOS or Android. Updates to these systems require the app to be updated, which may cause the app to be incompatible with older versions of iOS and Android.


Are there subscription fees for using pitchLogic?


The download of pitchLogic is free.  Membership fees apply to pitchLogic PLAYER  and pitchLogic COACH memberships, which also include the use of the pitchLogic baseball.


What is Your Return Policy?


pitchLogic provides a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don’t like the product for any reason, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund. 


What Payments are Accepted?


We accept American Express, ApplePay, Visa, MasterCard and PayPal for payment on our web store. 

How do I get started with my pitchLogic ball and PLAYER mobile app?

Watch this Quick Start Video.


What does pitchLogic measure?

After each pitch, the pitchLogic App instantly delivers the following metrics to your mobile device:

  1. Arm Slot
  2. Spin Direction
  3. Spin Axis
  4. Last Touch
  5. Seam Orientation
  6. Backward & Forward Extension
  7. Speed
  8. Total Spin
  9. Spin Efficiency
  10. Vertical & Horizontal Movement
  11. Backspin, Sidespin, and Riflespin
  12. Break Force
  13. Long Toss Distance

For more information, simply press on the metric in question on the App display, or download our FREE eBook. The pitchLogic COACH app adds additional measurements and capabilities. To learn more about these capabilities, contact us at 336-499-7390 or email us at support@f5sports.net


What are the Arrows at the top of the screen indicating?

The Blue Arrow indicates the Spin Direction and the Yellow Arrow indicates Arm Slot. The vertical bar graph indicates the amount of aerodynamic lift that is generated by the spin and velocity of the ball in flight in the direction of the blue Spin Direction Arrow. Break Force is measured in ounces.



Are there any tutorials or guides available to help me understand how to use pitchLogic? 

Yes. The STUFFpL assessment feature in the app walks you through how to perform an assessment and provides you with personalized recommendations for improving each pitch in your arsenal.


What do I need to use the pitchLogic ball? 

The pitchLogic ball connects to your preferred mobile device while running the pitchLogic mobile app. Download the free app from the Apple App Store or Google Play and follow the set-up instructions.


Where can I use pitchLogic?

Use pitchLogic anywhere you want to practice and improve—not just on a baseball field or in a practice facility. Step into the backyard or on any field and start throwing. pitchLogic will instantly display a complete set of metrics for each throw of at least 10 feet. Throw into a net or to a catcher. Throwing pitchLogic against a hard surface (eg. plyo wall) voids the manufacturer’s warranty.


How does the pitchLogic ball compare to a regulation baseball?

The pitchLogic baseball looks and feels just like a regulation baseball and adheres to MLB specifications for size and weight, which is actually a range of 5.0 to 5.25 ounces. Made in the USA, the ball uses same quality leather as MLB balls.


Can I use pitchLogic in a game?

No. pitchLogic is not designed to be used in a live game setting or to be hit with a bat.


Can I hit the pitchLogic ball with a bat?

No. Hitting pitchLogic with a bat may cause irreparable damage to the ball which is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.


How do I charge my pitchLogic baseball?

1) Match the wireless charging icon on the ball with the icon in the center of the charging pad.

2) The ball is charging when a steady blue light appears. If it blinks red/blue, remove the ball and reposition it on the charger so that the icons of the ball and charger are aligned.

3) The ball charges from zero charge to full battery in three hours and cannot be overcharged. A full charge lasts for up to eight hours of continuous play or ten days in sleep mode. We recommend always keeping the ball charged.


How long does the pitchLogic baseball take to charge?

The ball is ready to use after charging for one hour. Achieving a full charge may take up to three hours and cannot be overcharged. A full charge lasts for up to eight hours of continuous play or ten days in sleep mode.


How can I tell how much battery life remains?

When the ball is connected to the app, open the menu by tapping the MENU button. At the bottom of the menu screen, you will see a battery life indicator. A full charge lasts for up to eight hours of continuous play or ten days in sleep mode.


Can I use more than one ball on my account?

You can use any pitchLogic baseball with your account. You can also connect multiple balls simultaneously to your account, but this requires multiple mobile devices. Only one ball can be connected at a time to a mobile device.


How many devices can I pair with my pitchLogic baseball?

You can access your membership with the pitchLogic app on up to five different devices. The pitchLogic ball can only be connected one mobile device at a time but can quickly and easily be disconnected and reconnected to a different device.


Is there a minimum or maximum range or speed to use the ball?

For best results, the ball should be thrown at least 10 feet and at least 30 mph.  For best results, the ball should be within 200’ of your mobile device. If the ball or your mobile device come in contact with the ground, it may significantly reduce the usable range or cause the ball to disconnect. If the ball disconnects, bring it near your mobile device and reconnect.


What if my ball disconnects mid pitch?

Your ball will store the most current pitch even if it disconnects from the app. Once the ball reconnects, the newest pitch will appear on the app screen.


Do I need to Update the firmware on the ball?

If you want to check for an update, open the MENU button and select Check For Update. The app also automatically checks the firmware version each time you connect the ball. If the firmware needs to be updated the app will prompt you to start the update. The app will only prompt you once to update the firmware.


Does pitchLogic save my history when I close the app? 

Yes. After your account is created, you can review your pitches by choosing the “Selector” tab in the app. Only pitches thrown while the pitchLogic ball is connected to the app are saved. We do not share your information with anyone without your authorization. See our Privacy Policy.


What does pitchLogic do with my private data?

The data from your pitches is anonymized and uploaded to our secure cloud database. If you create an account within the app, we use the verified email address to associate your pitches with your account for retrieval. We do not share your data with third parties other than vendors that are necessary for the pitchLogic system to function, such as our cloud services vendor. See our Privacy Policy.


How old do you need to be to use pitchLogic?

pitchLogic is designed to be used by players of any age appropriate for baseball pitching. If you are new to pitching, make sure you receive proper instruction.


How experienced do you need to be to use pitchLogic?

pitchLogic is for players of all levels of play from a beginner to a seasoned pro.


How should I clean my pitchLogic baseball?


You should clean and maintain your pitchLogic baseball just as you would any other baseball with premium leather. 

What do I do if my ball won’t charge?


Make sure the charger is plugged in and the charger indicator is illuminated.  The indicator light should be red if it is receiving power and blue if the ball is charging. Make sure the wireless charging icon on the ball is aligned with the icon on the center of the charger.  If the light still won’t turn blue, slowly adjust the part of the ball that is touching the charger until the light turns steady blue. If the charger starts to alternate blue and red it is indicating  that the position of the ball needs to be adjusted on the charger.  Just  pick up the ball, wait for the charge indicator to turn red and replace the ball.  The USB cable must be plugged into a charging block with an Output rating of 1500mA or 1.5A. USB ports and inexpensive charging blocks may not work.


What do I do if the app isn’t recognizing my ball?


With the pitchLogic App open, make sure the ball is touching your device. If the Connection button doesn’t turn yellow after a few seconds, then place the ball on the charger for up to an hour and try again.  You may also try disabling the Bluetooth on your phone for a few seconds and then re-enabling it.  Lastly, try closing and restarting the pitchLogic App.

Android users:  A recent change to the Android OS requires that the pitchLogic app has permissions enabled for Locations and Storage in order to connect to the ball.  Look in settings/apps/pitchLogic/permissions and enable the Storage and Location permissions.


What do I do if the app won’t display results? 


Confirm that “OK” is displayed on the Connection button.  It is important to bring the ball to a complete stop just before you  start your throwing motion (see our Get Started video).  This signals to the ball that a pitch is  about to begin and it also sets the “zero point” for your front and back extension measurements.  Also, a pitch must travel at least ten feet at 30mph or faster to register as a valid pitch.  If you continue to have problems with a  pitch registering, please contact us.


If you’re just not seeing a Frequently Asked Question that addresses your individual concern, then it’s time to reach out. Contact us using any of the methods identified below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Our customer service hours are Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm EST.







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